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Liverpool Lad's Littlehampton Life Lowdown


Have you been to Littlehampton lately ?????? I took Jen (behave!), at the end of March this year as a Birthday treat - (weekend away). It is a terrible place. It's dead and dying - but mostly dead.

I was there in the town centre on St Patrick's night this year. Five pubs, all empty and lifeless. One group of kids where talking outside about nicking a car and driving to London for a beer (I Swear I am not joking). The trendiest "Wine Bar" looks like a converted old cafe - Even still has the formica tables (No Kidding). Walked into one pub, empty apart from 1 old bloke at the bar, The barmaid had a big foam Irish Hat on her head. I commented about how busy it was, and she said "this is the busiest we've been today, I'm taking this hat off, even though the boss wants me to keep it on - give me a shout if you see him come down?" I stated the obvious "I don't know what he looks like". At which point she retorted "You don't need to know what he looks like - if it moves, it's bound to be him - He's not likely to be able to hide in the crowd now is he ..... by the way there's a special Irish Stew tonight - £1.50 a bowl if you're interested?" We left after one drink.

On the Website for Littlehampton, it shows a Restaurant with a Moroccan Theme. Looks excellent on the website .... We found it, shop front windows, diner style seating, and tired as hell - we didn't go in. We finally ended up walking to the outskirts of the town to a pub and eating there - there is only one decent restaurant in Littlehampton it's small and doesn't take block bookings.

I know you'll think my email is setting the scene that the CGS will fall nicely into. However, we have always gone to a nice place and attempted to bring it down to our level. With Littlehampton we will be doing the reverse. There is a reason the train line ends at Littlehampton. The bastards rip it up and sell off the steel to make a buck. If you still have time to choose somewhere else then I'd move.

You know the way wives like to know where you're going ... I've copied Jen in on this email. She'll be laughing for weeks at us spending a weekend there.

Oh God Help us as we enter the crappiest place on the South Coast.


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