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CSI's called in to investigate the theft at Kev Ryans's home

By Andon Minob
CGS News, Hemel Hempstead

Operatives from Hemel CSI have been called to CGS member Kev Ryan's residence to further investigate the mysterious disappearance of Kev's prized SHITKev's luxury residence trophy.

Leader of the Investigation, Warwick Hunt stated that "There are a few areas within the house that we need to look at further in determining the villain involved in this heinous crime".

The chief of Hemel CSI, Mike Roscopy, has been quoted as saying "We have put at Warwick's disposal two of our finest representatives in order to bring about a speedy conclusion to this case". There is apparently no truth to the vicious rumour that they were the only two available as the rest of the team were watching CSI Miami, trying to spot the most attractive female CSI on the programme.

During the investigation help was in fact sought from transatlantic colleagues in Las Vegas, Miami and New York, when some of the findings from the house proved too complicated to analyse on the Hemel CSI's outdated equipment.

The official report is yet to be published, but this reporter has discovered that they wish to interview a Midland's based Grandfather suffering from Alopecia and other forms of flaky skin conditions.

DI Warwick Hunt speaks out

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