Abingdon Abandonment

An earlier start than usual to the CGS season, with a May special. Plans were that there would be a 9-hole knockabout on the Friday, for those interested and an 18-hole competition on the Saturday for the Durex Shield. Well, you know what plans are - things that you make while life goes on around you.

Friday Report

When I started writing the Abingdon report, I thought that it wasn't going to be worth splitting the report into the usual three pages. However, things come back to you and notes get rediscovered and hey, we've got it up to two pages at least. If anyone remembers any further incidents fit to print, let me know.

The usual suspects, plus Pete Ormshaw, all gathered at the Crown & Thistle, planning a couple of pints and then finding a nearby course who could take us for a Friday knockabout 9 hole. Anyway, the skies were lowering and somebody was running late, so a couple of us suggested it would be better to knock the golf on the head and settle in for a peaceful afternoon drink, with no bag carrying and walking involved. It was decided that we should take a vote - something surprisingly democratic for the CGS - and it ended in a tie! The one person still to arrive was DLT, so it was agreed that the PFL should give him a call on his mobile and make him the casting vote. No problem thought those of us who wanted a drink, he'll never agree to Golf instead of beer. How wrong we were, the awkward bastard opted for golf, casting a pall over the proceedings. Anyway, God was on our side, as by the time he finally arrived, the heavens had really opened and the decision to play or stay was taken out of our hands.

So we spent a comfortable few hours in the bar, with the smokers making use of the Courtyard as required. I honestly can't remember too much about the Friday night, other than we were warned that Hinksey Heights was not a great course, which turned out to be fact (according to my notes anyway).

From memory, after showers etc, I think we went on a crawl of the locals without much incident, which is unusual in itself. There was of course the Disco type pub, when as we were leaving, a local idiot decided to have a go at DLT. Now we of course expected the worst, but fair play to Dave he calmly kept the stupid boy in conversation until he'd walked him all the way to a waiting Police car and passed him on to the boys in blue. Kudos! One pub we didn't get to was the Midget. Since Abingdon was decided on as the venue and the search for pubs in the town took place, this was the one pub we wanted to go to, even if only for a quick pint. As we didn't make I've had to resort to a little (pardon the pun) trickery to see how things might have been. Don't worry the place wasn't named after the PFL, rather Abingdon was the place they used to build the MG Midget.
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