Saturday Shower

Following the no-golf Friday, everyone was looking forward to the 18-hole competition for the Durex Shield. Looking forward to getting it over with as early as possible.

Saturday Golf

Not a huge amount to report about the golf other than the horizontal rain showers, which rendered the roof of the buggies useless. The individual scores for the 18-hole competition are shown below, with Dave winning an extremely tight competition. The pairs competition was won by Phil and Ormy with a score of 35, beating KevH and Pete Brew on countback. Longest drive was won by our very own pro, Lofty, with arch rival Bomber achieving the lowest Gross of 100. There was no nearest the Pin winner, due to our total ineptitude rather than any oversight by the Committee. It was decided to settle that particular competition with a one dart, nearest the bull, back at the hotel. This was won by the PFL, giving Phil his second win of the weekend. Unfortunately no pics are available of this weekend as, although I remember phone cameras being present, nobody has forwarded any.

Saturday Night Out

Returning to the Hotel after the golf, we set about sorting out the nearest the bull competition. Unfortunately Leicester Tigers were playing London Irish for the Guinness Premiership, so this delayed proceedings somewhat, although not the rate of beer consumption. Suffice to say Leicester won 10-9 and Phil won the far more important Nearest the Bull.

The Rugby further delayed the start of Dinner, which was to be held in the Al-Zaib Restaurant at the top of town. Having found that there was a pub directly opposite, The Plough, most of us decided to head up there and resume drinking while waiting for everybody to regroup. Ian sorted out a flexible booking time with the restaurant while we waited for the stragglers. DLT was the last to arrive, but thoughtfully someone had brought Dave's shoes along to ensure he had a full pair when we sat down to eat, unlike previous occasions.

Still awaiting Dave, we went over to the Al-Zaib and placed our orders, including Dave's which had been phoned through. Deciding to put Dave's shoes in a safe place, they were hidden behind a handy curtain until he arrived. What we didn't realise was that the curtains masked the main thoroughfare for the serving staff; only when the first very attractive serving wench nearly went arse over tip because of the shoes did we think we ought to move them. As the shoes made their way to the far end of the tables where Dave was to sit, the term 'full pair' took on a whole new meaning. Various people decided that Dave should not go short of food and started stuffing his footwear with rice and other unmentionables - I guess it seemed funny at the time until Dave got his revenge by lobbing the contents at some very unfortunate CGS members. Good Food, Good Fun.

Back to the Plough where lo and behold a Karaoke had started up. DLT and Bomber had a sing-off and needless to say Bomber walked it with his familiar rendition of "You're Just Too Good to be True", guaranteed to loosen the nicker elastic of many a female Karaoke host! At some point in the evening, I guess Phil got bored and much to the disgust of DLT, he grabbed hold of a Chess set and board and took on all-comers, including an interfering barman who had already pissed off most of us. Things can only get better!

After all of this excitement we return to the hotel courtyard (as it's the pub which stays open latest in the Town Centre with the exception of the iffy-clubs).

There were some very big girls in the courtyard (not necessarily tall, but big) which kept the optic muscles moving. One of our guys was even asked if he'd like to go to one of the night clubs, with one of the more presentable ladies. I'm guessing that he was close to a yes until she revealed that she had no money and that he would be expected to fund the entrance fee and all of her drinks. The offer was turned down. I can just about remember at least one member putting his head and hands in the stocks in the courtyard, but again no photos. Of course we mustn't forget the highlight of the evening with DLT doing his best to emulate Paul Newman on a cycle, all very convincing until the barman came out screaming 'get orf moy ruddy bike tubby!' Being fair to Dave, it looked abandoned to us too.

Sunday morning was the usual two tables of liverish looking old men, bragging that they felt OK and would be ready to start again if anyone was interested - yeah, right. However all were looking forward to the September weekend.
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Saturday's Final Points Tally
Pos Member Score
1 Dave Townsend 28
2 Phil Smith 27
3 Pete Ormshaw 26
4 Kev Havlin 25
5 Pete Brew 24
6 Ian Johnstone 22
7= Del Wooley 19
7= Lofty Wray 19
9 Dick Jones 18
10 Ian Wilson 17
11 Angus Gibbins 16

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