Buxton welcomes the CGS
(but then again they haven't met us yet!)

Pennine Pro-am Weekend

Following the Committee's decision to get away from the Autumnal seaside venues, we are this trip taking our Sherpas to the foothills of the Pennine Chain. Crampons advisable, Oxygen not required for the golf, but may be efficacious in aiding recovery from any hangovers. Hotel has been recommended by a friend of Ambassador Lofty's, so any complaints should be made direct to him, or his manservant Bomber.

Directions to any of the venues can found in the links at the bottom of the page.

Tee-off times and groups have already been sent to members by the Society's secretary in the final edition of the Buxton Bugle.   Also, please note that we fixed our dates well before the Ryder Cup committee decided on theirs!

Friday - Cavendish GC         Course Web Site

The weekend begins with the usual 9 hole handicap competition for the Durex Shield at Cavendish Golf Club, a stones throw from the hotel. The definition of how far a stone can be thrown is a matter of contention. Ambassador Lofty reckons 400 yards, Mapquest says 1.2 miles, hotel manager says 15 minutes walk - take your pick, but I'll be driving.

Saturday - Chapel-en-le-Frith GC         Course Web Site

Saturdays 18 hole competition for the revamped CGS Suckling Pig will consist of 3 3-balls. No buggies so it'll be a nice long walk.

Accommodation - Kings Croft Guest House         Hotel Web Site

This is the place which has been placed under the guardianship of Ambassador Lofty - he is to ensure that no one makes off with the priceless antiques (and there are a few of us on this trip). Looks a step up from last years Worthing hostel, but that can't be too difficult.



Handicaps are up to date, with a couple of minor adjustments from last year - all age related apart from Lofty who received a handicap cut of 1 stroke when winning the Suckling Pig. Click on the wheelchair for the latest.

Standard golf club dress code applies on both days. Please avoid slow play

Maps and Directions

You can click here to obtain directions to the Hotel from wherever you're travelling (you just need to add your starting post code to the Mapquest form).

If you prefer you can print your own directions and maps to the courses if you're going there direct rather than from the hotel, again just enter your starting post code : Cavendish GC    Chapel-en-le-Frith GC

We have had one gripe from an unnamed member that he might be late as he has further to drive than anybody else. Please note that it is 3 minutes quicker to drive from Thame than it is from Hemel Angus!

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