The CGS Durex Shield 9-hole Competition

The 9-hole (which turned into a 12-hole as the 9th was as far away from the clubhouse as you can get) competition was held on Friday at the Cavendish Golf Club, Buxton, in superb weather.

Having said in the directions page that you won't need oxygen to get around, I confess I was sadly wrong. Not the foothills of the Pennine's, more like the foothills of the Himalayas.

The round was started by last years winner DLT, with everybody watching - so no pressure there Dave. Predictably he cocked it up and nobody laughed, no honestly! Mind you he wasn't the only one. I think the scoring was lower than last year's Durex Trophy match, even though we played three extra holes. Kev Havlin said "That's the worst I've ever played in a CGS game!", I asked "how many pints did you have before you started?", "5 or 6" came the slurred reply. Nuff said.

The competition was won by IJO, playing to a level just short of a handicap cut, with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (Bomber & Lofty) following close behind. We returned to the Hotel for the presentation ceremony which the Committee was approaching with some fear. Don't forget who won last year! Don't forget that he signed a piece of paper, countersigned by member Brew, that he would not destroy or deface the shield. Their fears were not allayed when Dave whispered to Ian - "Don't worry, it can be restored easily to the way it was". For whatever reason Dave requested that he be allowed to pass on the trophy to this year's winner and the committee agreed. What followed was pure comedy genius. Dave presented a spoof Dragons Den (spotted immediately by Kev H) where the proposal was that he had invented a combined trophy holder and advertising medium, the script original, the style very Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse, but still absolutely brilliant. Why do we never have a video camera with us? Oh yes, too many incriminating possibilities. As IJO had to get off and proudly show his new trophy to his sister, who lives locally, we adjourned at a civilised time to start the evenings serious drinking and cheering on Europe in the Ryder Cup - not.

Well, he said he was going to his sister's house, but this picture (taken in the local gents toilet with him displaying his trophy to anyone who asked to see it)says otherwise!

Pos Member Score
1 Ian Johnstone 24
2= Dick Whittington 20
2= Kev Wray 20
4 Ian Wilson 16
5= Kev Ryan 13
5= Dick Jones 13
5= Angus Gibbins 13
8= Dave Townsend 10
8= Delvin Woolley 10
10= Phil Smith 6
10= Kev Havlin 6

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