Balmy Buxton

Once again the Committee excelled itself, producing a great Hotel (with some guidance from Lofty), two great courses and up to standard social events (Yep same as usual, beer, food and some music!) No major disasters, nobody lost - a bit unusual in that respect. Even the weather was perfect for a change

The CGS Suckling Pig Trophy

After the mountaineering exercise of yesterday (see the link on the right), members were understandably approaching the 18-hole competition with a certain amount of trepidation, especially as Mr. Wilson had been told at 9 o'clock the night before that many of the greens on the Chapel-en-le-Frith golf course were unplayable after recent heavy rainfall. This news was however passed on by a Lady member of a competing course who even went as far as phoning her Club Secretary to see whether they could fit us in! Helpful , or on a finder's fee?

Three three-balls set off in absolutely perfect conditions. It was noticeable that, apart from a few diehards, not many members took advantage of the club's bar facilities, preferring instead to concentrate on the golf. Strange, but I swear it's true.
The first complication came when the starting group arrived at the first tee, to be greeted by a crowd of fifteen to twenty, what can only be described as very senior golf club members, all waiting to tee off themselves. They suggested that we tee-off from the 10th, as although there was a Derbyshire Ladies County Championship match in progress, the first group was still playing the 8th hole and we should be OK. Mr. Wilson was despatched to confirm that this was alright with the Club Pro. He came back to us and said that it was OK, but that we must allow the Ladies to play through when they arrived. So the first group teed off, just as the first pair from the Ladies game showed up on the tee. As they were only children, we of course sneered and sweet-talked them into letting us carry on (It turns out that the 11 year old played off a 2 handicap and the much older 13 year old played off 3 - what do you expect when most of the red tees are halfway to the hole!). Anyway, to cut a long story short, if that is now possible, the first group were recalled just as they all parred the 10th hole, to be told that we were all now going to restart from the 1st! Club Pro very apologetic, threatening to kill the female who took Ian's booking. The Gospel according to Lofty is that women should not be allowed anywhere near a golf course, but remain in the kitchen where they belong - all well within earshot of a female official of the club, who luckily wasn't serving the beer later (which is of course another very good vocation for women). Not much can be said about the golf itself as your reporter actually played this year, other than to say I did very well for me. Did I mention my 50 yard chip in on for a gross 2 on the par-3 13th? Tragically the PFL had to withdraw after 11 holes due to a twinge in his back, or old age as it is known elsewhere. He was thankfully fit enough to go on the lash on Saturday night.

With the PFL's withdrawal, we were left with just 8 players, so Kev Havlin dropped back to join the last group and Del, the eventual winner, raced through the next 3 holes solo to catch up with the leading group. Remarkably he birdied all of these 3 holes - amazing how golf improves when nobody else is watching! Joke Del! (or was it?).

Results and prize presentation took place back at the Kings Croft Guest House, where amazingly everyone received a memento of the occasion, starting with the PFL who came last but still received a Tissot wristwatch for his troubles - Bomber's eyes were out on stalks, at least until he received back an electric ball washer which he had previously donated to the Committee as a potential prize!.
Full scores are shown alongside, with Del the outstanding winner, beating Lofty into 2nd place and therefore reversing last year's result. Greedy Committee member Ian Wilson took both prizes in the Longest Drive and the Nearest the Pig competitions - where were the fluffy toys this year Ian?

One final presentation took place which took us all by surprise. The good lady of the house, Gill, decided to present the unlucky last placed player with a small booby prize, one of the thousands of Pig-themed works of art tastefully arranged about the house. The lucky recipient was the PFL (who initially thought that it was a gift for his organising the weekend, but then of course it would have gone to Ian!). The worrying thing is that the PFL can't now find the trophy. Who were you sharing with Phil? Oh yes, DLT.
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Friday 9-hole
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Saturday's Final Points Tally
Pos Member Score
1 Delvin Woolley 31
2 Kevin Wray 28
3 Ian Wilson 26
4 Dick Whittington 25
5 Angus Gibbins 20
6 Dick Jones 19
7 Dave Townsend 15
8 Kev Havlin 9
9 Phil Smith (DNF) 5

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