Thursday Night Report

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Four Just Men Just Four Men
Thursday saw the effort being put into the weekend by a select few arriving a day early to suss out what was hot, and what was not, in Poole. The committee, ever mindful of the needs of the members, set out to uncover the hidden pleasures of Poole. They were remarkably well hidden. Led by your PFL, Gunga Din Smith, who claimed local knowledge of Poole, having worked there for a few years, the fantastic four set out for the Quayside area of Poole, as this was likely to be the centre of the weekends revelry. Never trust someone who "knows the place like the back of my hand". There are far too many hairs on the back of Phil's hand for him to ever remember what lies beneath. Following Phil around Poole put me in mind of the ultimately successful search for the Source of the Nile, led by Richard Burton (the explorer, not the Welsh actor). They got there eventually, but it took a fucking long time! Enough said about the route march. We found a few suitable establishments, all of which, I think, were used and abused during the weekend, including the Curry Housewhere we experienced the first bout of narcolepsy of the weekend from the Geezer. Getting back to the hotel at around 12:10, we sort of knew that there was little chance of a drink as the bar shuts at 12:00. Nil Desperandum, we'll give it a go. As most of you will remember the bar is quite a small affair, with a couple of stools in front of it. The two stools were occupied by a very attractive brunette and her elderly minder. Having got nowhere with the bar staff, vis a vis a drink, we engaged the totty with our usual wit and repartee. She hurriedly explained that her 6' 6" boyfriend was staying at the hotel, thinking of course that this would call a halt to the conversation. Nah! Anyway, she warmed to us. She explained that she was a local girl, but had lived in Cape Town for 11 years. This of course led to conversations about Peri Peri sauce and all sorts of other wonderful things that Dick could remember from his sojourn in the Mother City of SA. Something must have clicked, because the next thing we know, she's dropped her top and got her breasts out for the lads. A fine example of the breed they were too! Unfortunately, when we recounted the tale to Kev "Geezer" Havlin over breakfast the next day, and I promise you, he was there the whole time and saw the whole thing, his response went along the lines, "What? You mean I was there, saw it all and now can't remember a thing about them? Bollocks". Just to jog your memory Kev, there's an example of a woman's breasts shown below provided by our own Honorary Social Member, Anna Nicole Smith. Though nowhere near as good as the real thing on Thursday night I'm afraid Kev.


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