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Bomber Consoled? Doubt It!

After failing to win the world famous Cardex Suckling Pig Trophy and even more gutted to have lost out to close friend Kevin Wray, CGS Member Dick Whittington swallowed his pride and wrote to Ian Woosnam, successful Ryder Cup captain, begging to be allowed to be photographed with the old Trophy. Woosnam perfectly understanding Dick's need (although he did think "why would anyone want to be pictured with the the Ryder Cup when he's already a two-time winner of the premier trophy in golf, the CGS Suckling Pig?").

Anyway, Woosnam acceded to the needy member's request and the result is shown below.

There is a strong rumour going round that Suckling Pig Trophy holder Kev "lofty" Wray was discussing his Course record at Little Hay, which is said to be in the mid-70's gross!! Luckily for the Loft, the Handicap Committee have only heard this story second hand, as it makes his CGS 18 handicap look a little generous doesn't it? There are rumours that the aforementioned member will be asked to clarify this allegation at one of their regular Thursday night meetings in the borough of Hemel Hempstead (assuming his good lady will let him out that is.)

It's just coincidence that this rumour appears on a page dedicated to Dick Whittington. It wasn't him who grassed! It was Bertie Smalls. Honestly!