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The Douglas Bader Trophy

Leading Limp-along Lesley

In May 2013, the CGS Committee is proud to announce the inaugural competition for the Douglas Bader Trophy, named after the legless hero of the Battle of Britain. In CGS parlance the term legless could cover the whole membership as at one time or another we have all been in that parlous state through over-imbibing.

No! This competition is in fact limited to those very special members who have had knee replacements, cartilage repair or had some under-trained NHS Doctor generally fiddling internally with their knee area.

Only 4 members actually qualify for this competition:

The committee expects this number will rise considerably over the next few years. However anyone actually having elective surgery when there is nothing wrong with their knee will be barred for life Dave.

In a very tight, knee-trembler of a finish, the competition was won by Ian Johnstone.

In the second competition held on the eve of departure to Portugal, Ian retained his treasured knee trophy.
Winner Venue Date
Ian Johnstone Dorking May 2013
Ian Johnstone Little Hay Sept 2013

The Trophy was back in the Cardex office the next day despite Mrs. Johnstone's protestations that she had found the perfect place to put it! Good save IJO.