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Savage Iron Man

This page contains news about Paul Savage's Iron man exploits. Yes we all know it sounds like a contradiction, but believe me it happened!
The event: The inaugural UK Ironman triathlon took place in Sherborne, Dorset on 21st August 2005. It involved a 4km swim, followed by a 112 mile cycle, then a marathon. For more info on the race check out: Ironman UK website
You can no longer check out Paul's result on the Ironman site as the reports and times have disappeared! Suffice to say that Paul was only beaten by:

Now you didn't expect that an achievement such as this would not be marked by the ritual Cardex piss-take did you Paul? Anything which puts the rest of us to shame has to be ridiculed - that is the rule!

As you know from the begging emails sent out by Paul prior to the event, he was raising funds for the Bwindi Orphanage School. No news, as far as I've heard, on how much was raised, but I'm sure he'll let us know. The picture shows some of the pupils and their obvious need.