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The Suckling Pig Trophy

Champion Golfer Venue Year
R A Whittington Windsor 2000
R A Whittington Marlborough 2001
A J Gibbins St. Neots 2002
D Woolley Calpe 2003
K Wray Gran Canaria 2004
P G Smith Ennis 2005
P Brew Poole 2006
K Wray Worthing 2007
D Woolley Buxton 2008
A J Gibbins Market Harborough 2009
A J Gibbins Thetford 2010
R A Whittington Skegness 2011
K Wray Bognor Regis 2012
R A Whittington Vilamoura 2013

So Bomber becomes the first 4-time winner of the Suckling Pig Trophy, together with the nifty CGS Trilby to be worn by the winner. Lofty wants it back!